Create User on Verifone

Obtain a One-Time Password (OTP)

  1. Go to a Register

  2. Select CSR Functions

  3. Select Generate Config OTP

  4. Select Yes

  5. Write down the 4 digit OTP Number displayed
    You will need this OTP to go to User Manager to create new user.

  6. Select OK

Open Verifone Configuration Manager to create a user for VEECLI

Option 1 – Use Cash Register

  1. Go to Register

  2. Select CSR Functions

  3. Select Configuration Manager

Option 2 – Use a Backoffice Computer

  1. Log in to Backoffice PC/Laptop

  2. Open your Internet Browser.
    Recommend Firefox or Chrome

  3. Type https://<ipaddress>/ConfigClient.html
    IP address of the Commander.. Many cases it is .

Add user in Configuration Manager

  1. Log in using MANAGER user name and your password

  2. Once logged in to Configuration Manager

    1. Select Security from the top menu

    2. Select Manage Users from the drop down menu

    1. Enter OTP previously saved

    2. Enter username VEECLI

    3. Password V123456

    4. Repeat password V123456

    5. Check all check boxes in the roles

    6. Click Save