Accurate Income and Expenses Tracking for your Gas Station

Integrated with Verifone.
Access from everywhere.
No more errors!

VEECLi is a powerful cloud based solution to monitor your gas station sales, expenses, fuel inventory, fuel prices and tank alarms. VEECLi automatically collects data from your Verifone Register and Veeder Root Tank Monitoring and allows you to manage your expenses.  All these information will be available from anywhere at anytime using a web browser or VEECLi Mobile App.

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Verifone Integrated

Automatic and Accurate
Shift and Daily Paperwork
No more errors
No more delay
No more adjustment

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Veeder Root Integrated

Automatic and Accurate
Tank Delivery Report
Daily Inventory Reconciliation
Notification on Alarms
Fuel Compliance Reports

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Instant Ticket Tracking

Scan Books on Receipt
Scan Tickets on Shift Close
Track Shift Lottery Inventory
Spot Check
Protect your investment

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Expense Tracking

Know your expenses
Track EFT and Checks
Bank Reconciliation
View Profit

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