Welcome to VEECLi

Back Office & Operations

  • Take control of your back office operations
  • Manage your operations from anywhere on mobile or PC using our state-of-the-art cloud based solution
  • Shift and Daily Sales data collected automatically
  • Track your vendors and employees
  • Track expenses, additional incomes, payroll and taxes
  • Configure margin by department
  • Shift data in calendar view
  • Revenue Summary with profit and loss
  • Cash flow management


  • Automatically collect tank, pump and sensor data from Veeder Root
  • Print Complaince reports for Fire Marshall
  • Get notified on Veeder Root alarms on your mobile
  • Track fuel delivery and inventory.

Lottery Management

  • Track Instant Scratch Lottery Tickets
  • Reconcile Tickets on Rack for sale every shift
  • Scan tickets to track inventory and Sales
  • Protect your Lottery inventory from loss or theft
  • Spot check machine tickets

Shift Paperwork

  • Shift Sales Details
  • Safe Deposit and Cash Balance
  • Track Instant Lottery Sales
  • Track Additional Incomes
  • Post expenses, payouts
  • Track Bank Deposits
  • See trend in Calendar View

Daily Sales

  • Daily Sales details collected Automatically from your register.
  • No more employee typos
  • Summary by Fuel, Departments, or by day
  • Monthly Summary
  • Details of Each Day sales

Profit & Loss

  • Profit & Loss at your fingertips
  • Track all your expenses and inventory purchases
  • Track Fuel cost per gallan easily
  • Understand various costs for your business
  • Manage your cash flow with these information
  • Shift Details in Calendar View